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  • Who We Are

    Misty Carey, KannaKare’s licensed Montana Medical Marijuana Provider, is assisted by a team dedicated to a viable alternative health care approach with scientific foundation for support.

    What You’ll Find

    You’ll find 25-30 strains of cannabis plant product–both Sativas and Indicas. To help you learn what may work best for you, we share knowledge and experiences about the varieties to help you choose what works best for you.

    Our impressive assortment of Botanical Wellness Topicals–salves, creams, massage oil, throat spray, and lip balm. Daily, our patients report positive effects with these pain relief alternatives.

    KannaKare’s own Mary Jane’s Kitchen supplies our edible medicine–cookies, hard candy, suckers, chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, and truffles, as well as cannabis dosed honey and olive oil.

    We are also the home of KannaBoost, fresh young cannabis leaves flash frozen for use in your favorite daily smoothie or juice.

    Looking Forward

    With the instabilities in the Montana Legislature and the ever-changing laws toward medical cannabis, we continue our efforts on research and development of our topical and oral products. KannaKare’s formulas are continually improving to achieve the highest quality of treatment.

    We’ve had the opportunity to help our patients while keeping well stocked with medical grade plant material for our patients to enjoy.

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